We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our clients and we thought we would pass those answers on to you here. The list is not complete yet but will continue to grow over the next few weeks. Thank you for visiting our web site.

What is a Buyer's Agent?

The buyer's agent solely works on behalf of the buyer and their loyalties are to the buyer. The agent negotiates on behalf of and acts as an advocate for the buyer. All adverse material facts concerning the buyer's financial ability to meet the terms of the transaction and their intentions toward the property must be disclosed to potential sellers by the agent. The broker and the client sign a written buyer agency agreement which sets forth the duties and obligations of each party.

Am I Ready To Buy A Home?

Ask these simple questions:

  • Is my job dependable? My income secure?
  • Is my credit score good? Do I pay my bills on time?
  • Is my debt load low? Few large purchases currently on credit?
  • Is there enough money in my savings for a down payment?
  • Is my income enough to make a monthly payment and miscellaneous repairs?

If your answer is "yes" to all these questions, you are probably ready to buy.

What is the first thing I must do if I want to buy a home?

Talking with a mortgage lender and becoming pre-approved for a loan and establishing what you are able to spend on a home. They will ask many questions and run credit checks to ensure you are able to buy a home.

What is the value of my home?

This is a question that requires the input from many factors to get an accurate answer. Talking with a real estate professional can help you to determine what your homes market value is.